A Thousand Visions ~ A Single Journey

The Farsong Saga, set in the fictional world of Lythea, actually began as a world building exercise for a video game project. Understaffed and often overwhelmed, we began to consolidate all our notes and eventually realized – there’s a story here!

As work progressed on the first novel, we quickly realized that the breadth of our tale was not going to fit within the confines of a single book and the Farsong Trilogy was born. We later modified that to the Farsong Saga, just in case three books aren’t enough.

Image of the book, Acts of Valor

Volume I, Farsong: Acts of Valor, has been completed and is available now. We hope that you enjoy it and will continue to check in on us as we progress through the rest of the story.

Farsong: Acts of Valor

Volume I of the Farsong Saga

Set against the backdrop of an ancient calamity, we see the current world through the eyes of Navineia Flint. “Navi” is an orphaned adventurer who delves into the mysteries of the past as she explores the larger world around her.

As history is unveiled, a series of artifacts are recovered which prompt more questions than answers. Ultimately, Navi also uncovers a shocking truth about her own past, leading to the most unfortunate discovery of all.

Volume I of the Farsong Saga is available now on Amazon/Kindle!

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Image of the ancient shield of the Tahi Mai

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